Avaible Courses

  • 1 Level

    The first level is a class for those who appreciate for the first time to photography. I will explain you the camera and the photo techniques bases of shot. The final objective is to be able of achieve mastery and knowledge of the camera. Made of 5 lessons (1 theory lesson and 4 practical outdoor lessons).

    Price : 100€
  • 2 Level

    The second level is for those who already knows the basic techniques. The principal theme of the class will be the visual aspect: not forsaking the technique, I’ll introduce the artistic and harmonic aspect in the image. Made of 5 lessons ( 2 theory lessons and 3 practical outdoor lessons).

    Price : 100€
  • 3 Level

    The third level is projected for those who wants to take the first steps into the world of post production. If after taking a picture, develop it to the computer is always been a problem, this class allow you to start learning the world of the digital processing and get better results from your own photos. Made of 5 lessons (theory lessons/practical lessons).

    Price : 100€

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